It’s that time of the year that usually gets me reflecting on Christmas past. I have always loved Christmas. People seem happier. They smile more. They over all personality seems to lighten up a bit.

I have to admit, I’ve always wondered why these changes in people seem to slip away right after Christmas has ended. Is it because the excitement of the festivities has ended and we are back to our normal life and routine? Is it because we have received all the things that we were hoping to receive by changing our personalities in order to receive them? 

After all, we have been taught from young childhood that the nicer you are the more you will receive. We all know the childhood Christmas song lyrics from Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, “He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice..” It’s not only Christmas that makes us change our personalities though, it’s before birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc… any time we can profit from gift giving this seems to happen. I suppose this is a part of human nature.

The other end of the spectrum is, people are more willing to give what others desire during the Christmas season. Some go overboard and obsess about giving the perfect gift or gifts. Some see it as their chance to prove how much they care and to gain appreciation from the one they are giving to.

There are those, however, who just really have a heart for the true meaning of Christmas whom are just filled with Christmas joy that comes from knowing Christ. Christmas is their reminder of the gift that was given to them by God. A gift that they received without doing a single thing to deserve it. They are once again humbled and their spirits are lifted and renewed by remembering their receiving the gift of Salvation. These are the ones whom carry Christmas with them well into the next year until the time comes once again for them to be reminded of their wonderful gift that changed them forever.

It is wonderful how God gave us a gift that never changes; never leaves; never breaks, never corrodes, but instead gets more precious as the years go by – and we don’t have to change even temporarily to be able to receive it. We can rejoice int he fact that it changes us.