I’ve been writing blogs in various venues for several years now. I’ve had a lot of critics through out that time. Most often I seem to run across two reactions from those who find out I write. They either are very verbal about what I write and constantly ask about what I am writing or posting.

But, I find it interesting that some, after finding out I write, get very quiet about voicing their opinion or ideas about anything when I am in the conversation or when I am in hearing distance of their conversations. I guess I can understand the latter group’s response. After all, writers are constantly looking and searching for something interesting or different on various topics on every and any subject the majority of the time.

The only reason this response baffles me is; most people who voice their opinions to others are wanting their voices to be heard and their opinions taken into consideration. They want to be heard. But, for some reason it seems that even those who constantly voice their opinion don’t want to have anything to do with their opinions being made any more public than within their own private conversations.

I certainly understand their desire for their opinions on private matters being kept confidential. Most writers would never include such conversations within any of their writings where it be in a blog, short story, novel, poetry or whatever.

We are only writers – nothing more. We write from our own points of view – no one else’s, regardless of what someone else’s opinion is on any given matter. Don’t be afraid to interact with writers as you would anyone else. You may find that your opinion on things -other than private matters – will find a voice.

Back to the first group who are constantly asking about what we write about – wanting to know if we were able to use anything you contributed during a conversation in our blogs, etc.  Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Don’t let it discourage you when we say we didn’t. Instead, let it encourage you to do exactly what we do – write!!! Pick a venue and get down your thoughts. Yes, you will have critics just like we do. But, it is the criticism that makes you grow. It either changes your prospective on a matter or deepens your convictions. But, the wonderful thing about writing is; you then have the opportunity to change someone else’s prospective or deepen their conviction on matters.

Remember, that writers are no different than any other. It is our words that matter. They can be used to build up or to tear down. But, please also remember that whether you are a writer or not – it is not only the written words that have this power; spoken words in private conversations flow from one person to another much faster than the written word ever can. Written words can bring criticism to the one who pens them and invite opportunity for accusation of being wrong, but spoken words can can have the same results for the one who speaks them.

In summary, we should guard our words and choose our conversation whether in the presence of writers or non-writers alike.