I read articles or hear everyday how groups want symbols of Christmas taken down, done away with, etc. I hear everyday, “Why don’t Christians fight back?” As for me, Christmas isn’t about the Black Friday shopping or even the presents. It isn’t about the Christmas Trees or decorations. It isn’t about whether or not nativity scenes are on display in city venues. These things are nice. They make the Christmas Season festive and serve as reminders. But, it is our actions and the way we live our lives that truly display Christ. After all, Christmas is only about Christ.

God uses the silly things of this world to confound the wise. We, as Christians, are constantly ridiculed and made fun of because of our love for Christmas. To nonchristians, all of our “religions” symbols are silly.

A thought crossed my mind that I thought I would share. We all know that Christmas isn’t about any of the things that are “so called” religious symbols, yet a war is being waged against us in taking away of anything that is religiously associated with Christmas.

In reality, Christians have gotten away from the real meaning of Christmas by falling into the worldly traditions of Christmas: having to buy the newest and most expensive things for presents, or receiving those things, in order for us to have a wonderful Christmas; all the sales that we “must” go to in order to not be left out on the great deals, just to find ourselves miserable by fighting the crowds and the frustration that comes with either the late hours or early hours of these sales. I could go on and on about all the things that we get caught up in that actually take away from Christmas. But, I think you get the idea.

Some may ask when reading this if I decorate my house. All you friends here know that, yes I do. But, if I were to have it all taken away, it would still be Christmas regardless. Many people around the world don’t have the resources we enjoy here or the money to use on such things, but for those who believe in Christ, it is still Christmas for them nonetheless.

I guess I just look at things differently sometimes. You may agree and you many not….but here goes.

Remember it is the silly things of this world that confound those who think themselves to be wise. We must remember that it is our charity, our love shown towards others, our contentment in all situations, the peace and joy in our hearts that come from the true meaning of Christmas; in other words, it is our Christ likeness that is truly thought to be silly in the eyes of those who think themselves to be wise. Yet, these are the very things that “the wise” can not take away. In summary, it is we Christians, who are the ultimate symbols of our religion. We should diligently, continually be building and perfecting ourselves in Christ likeness for monuments for Christ.

We also know that all these things shall come to pass; everything that has to do with God will be ridiculed, the ones who believe in Christ are to be ridiculed, anything to do with our religion will be taken away. We need to remember this; these are all signs of our redemption is drawing near, it is all fulfilling the Words of the Bible; it is the actions of “the wise” in doing all these things that will confound in the end.

I choose to not have anger concerning the things of the world concerning these things. Instead, I choose to pray for those who know not what they do in their own wisdom. I choose to rejoice in this Christmas season knowing that Christ is coming again and that God has given us eyes to see the truth through our faith in Him. One blessed day, we will have Christ everyday – for we shall forever be with the Lord. This is Christmas.

You decide…silly?