At This Moment

At this moment in time my memory is clear.
I understand and acknowledge every word that I hear.
I can pick up the phone and call loved ones so dear.
We can laugh about silly things and at the bad shed a tear.

I don’t know what tomorrow will hold.
For my memory slips away at times, I am told.
When it will happen, I never can know.
So for now I will cherish this moment as gold.

They tell me my future looks different for me.
I may not know your name when your face I see.
It will be hard for you for I won’t remember most things.
So, keep these words in your heart and let them sing.

Everything that we shared is a part of me.
It’s the joy that shines through in spite of this disease.
It’s the smile that spreads upon my face.
And the giggle that slips when I am in a daze.

It’s the things that we shared when I was full of life –
That God gave to help me through my strife.
So, think again on the memories you hold.
For mine are alive in the memories of “your” soul.

Beverly S. Harless