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All Good Things

When it seems as all is falling apart –
From the sight in my eyes to the beating of my heart –
My body is saying my youthful days have passed –
Still I know God is with me until the last.

Not a child anymore in my home to be found –
They’re all now young adults, to their own lives bound.
Still caring for elders through my own concerns –
Yet God is still with me through it all, I have learned.

Soon someone else will be caring for me –
As my heart grows weaker and my spirit is set free.
Then all my tears will be wiped away from me –
As I rest in the arms of Jesus for an eternity.

Until then I shall cherish the smallest of joys –
For all good things are blessings sent from God to enjoy.
Each breath and each smile that comes to my face –
God is still with me through the last day of my race.

Beverly S. Harless