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The Battle

It doesn’t matter how hard I have tried –

Disappointment bombards from every side.

It tries to discourage from following God’s will –

So, I can not proceed based on how I feel.

Negative words and acts sent to give dismay.

Things that go against the Words that God did say.

As these things try to penetrate against my fortress walls.

My God gives me strength to still stand tall

As my enemies try to tear me down –

I drown them out as to not to hear their sound.

I stay focused on my God above –

Since He has for me a never failing love.

When will they learn they do this to no avail.

As long as I stand on God’s Word they can not prevail.

But, I will fight these battles with the armor He provided for free.

Knowing all the while the war has already been won when He fought for me.

Written by Beverly S. Harless