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All Good Things

When it seems as all is falling apart –
From the sight in my eyes to the beating of my heart –
My body is saying my youthful days have passed –
Still I know God is with me until the last.

Not a child anymore in my home to be found –
They’re all now young adults, to their own lives bound.
Still caring for elders through my own concerns –
Yet God is still with me through it all, I have learned.

Soon someone else will be caring for me –
As my heart grows weaker and my spirit is set free.
Then all my tears will be wiped away from me –
As I rest in the arms of Jesus for an eternity.

Until then I shall cherish the smallest of joys –
For all good things are blessings sent from God to enjoy.
Each breath and each smile that comes to my face –
God is still with me through the last day of my race.

Beverly S. Harless


At This Moment

At this moment in time my memory is clear.
I understand and acknowledge every word that I hear.
I can pick up the phone and call loved ones so dear.
We can laugh about silly things and at the bad shed a tear.

I don’t know what tomorrow will hold.
For my memory slips away at times, I am told.
When it will happen, I never can know.
So for now I will cherish this moment as gold.

They tell me my future looks different for me.
I may not know your name when your face I see.
It will be hard for you for I won’t remember most things.
So, keep these words in your heart and let them sing.

Everything that we shared is a part of me.
It’s the joy that shines through in spite of this disease.
It’s the smile that spreads upon my face.
And the giggle that slips when I am in a daze.

It’s the things that we shared when I was full of life –
That God gave to help me through my strife.
So, think again on the memories you hold.
For mine are alive in the memories of “your” soul.

Beverly S. Harless

What does it take for us to really hear something? You know, the kind of hearing that makes you remember it and take it in? – the kind of hearing that makes you think about it over and over that becomes a part of you usually happens when it touches us not by just understanding with our brain because it makes sense. I am talking about truly hearing.

Most people think about hearing having to do with their ears. Ears however are a catalyst making it possible for us to hear. We hear millions of things everyday – most of which we forget.

Some of the things we hear that becomes our memories are good. Our children calling out for us in the middle of the night, the first time someone says “I love you”, words of encouragement and praise – all of these are spoken things we hear. These things become a part of us.

There are other things we hear that become our memories: a soft shoulder to cry on that is just there and doesn’t speak a word, the scenery from a mountaintop as the sun breaks over the distant mountains piercing through the morning clouds, the gentle caress of our parents holding us when we were young. These things also become a part of us.

Regardless of whether the things we hear are from the spoken word or from the experience of witnessing something amazing, it is with our heart we hear these things – not our ears.

These things become so much a part of us because of our desire to hear them because they are important and meaningful. Some of these things we are aware we desire such as the ones we love acknowledging their love for us. Others, such as the witnessing of the mountain sunrise, there is an underlying desire to experience simply because of its beauty and its ability to take us by surprise – leaving us breathless.

Reading God’s Word and building our understanding and faith through His Word is much the same way. We can read it or hear it from the pulpit. We can listen to it on the radio or television. But, until we listen to it with our heart – instead of our ears – we aren’t really hearing it. With our heart we get understanding that we can never gain with only our ears. It doesn’t become real and personal until we allow our heart to hear, allowing it to become personal and meaningful to us. 

We must develop a desire, a need, a longing….a love for God’s Word and for God to be able to allow His Word to speak to us fully. Once we touch God’s heart with our love toward Him built on our desire to hear Him, I believe that He will touch our hearts in a way we can’t imagine. Then…God’s Word will become a part of us and not just something we have learned.

It’s that time of the year that usually gets me reflecting on Christmas past. I have always loved Christmas. People seem happier. They smile more. They over all personality seems to lighten up a bit.

I have to admit, I’ve always wondered why these changes in people seem to slip away right after Christmas has ended. Is it because the excitement of the festivities has ended and we are back to our normal life and routine? Is it because we have received all the things that we were hoping to receive by changing our personalities in order to receive them? 

After all, we have been taught from young childhood that the nicer you are the more you will receive. We all know the childhood Christmas song lyrics from Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, “He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice..” It’s not only Christmas that makes us change our personalities though, it’s before birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc… any time we can profit from gift giving this seems to happen. I suppose this is a part of human nature.

The other end of the spectrum is, people are more willing to give what others desire during the Christmas season. Some go overboard and obsess about giving the perfect gift or gifts. Some see it as their chance to prove how much they care and to gain appreciation from the one they are giving to.

There are those, however, who just really have a heart for the true meaning of Christmas whom are just filled with Christmas joy that comes from knowing Christ. Christmas is their reminder of the gift that was given to them by God. A gift that they received without doing a single thing to deserve it. They are once again humbled and their spirits are lifted and renewed by remembering their receiving the gift of Salvation. These are the ones whom carry Christmas with them well into the next year until the time comes once again for them to be reminded of their wonderful gift that changed them forever.

It is wonderful how God gave us a gift that never changes; never leaves; never breaks, never corrodes, but instead gets more precious as the years go by – and we don’t have to change even temporarily to be able to receive it. We can rejoice int he fact that it changes us.

This is one of the poems I will be including in Poetry For The Soul. Hopefully it will be ready by December. I have never really liked poetry but for some reason, I find myself jotting down a new poem very early in the mornings – every morning.

As He Said He Would Be

In the quiet of the morning – no one but me around;
I talk to the Lord within the silence of sound.
My deepest desires and what burdens my heart;
He takes this load off my shoulders, and His peace He imparts.

As I go through my day, He still always is there.
No matter what surrounds me, with Him my burdens I can share.
When praying with others, as we present our requests;
I cling to His promise, our faith He will bless.

At the end of the day, as I turn out the light;
I can sense His presence and I can feel His might.
In the midst of the prayer, as my husband prays with me;
He is there as He promised, as He said He would be.
– Beverly S. Harless